Balance the Beauty of Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Discover How Veneers Can Help Improve Your Oral Appearance

Do you have certain imperfections or unsightly blemishes in your mouth that makes you embarrassed or self-conscious of your smile? You’re not alone! Plenty of patients of all ages have suffered from some sort of tooth trouble at some point or another. Whether you have chipped a tooth due to injury or have developed discoloration due to eating or lifestyle habits, dental veneers can help!

Veneers are an excellent cosmetic dentistry solution available to help improve the overall appearance of your smile and correct any aesthetic imperfections in the mouth. In some cases, they can even be used to correct minor dental conditions that may have required more extensive (and expensive) treatment otherwise. The biggest advantage of veneers is that they look, feel, and perform just like real teeth! They can be color matched to your teeth so they are barely noticeable to anyone but you or your dentist.

Correct Cosmetic Concerns

So what exactly are dental veneers? They are a thin tooth-like material that is formed from porcelain or similar materials which are customizable and are intended to match the function and appearance of your natural tooth enamel. Getting fitted for veneers is a short and simple procedure that can provide you with a brilliant new smile in as little as two visits; a reason for why it has become such a popular option for patients across the nation.

Veneers are ideal for patients who wish to correct issues such as:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Gaps or spacing issues between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Discolored teeth (that do not respond to traditional whitening treatments)
  • Disproportionate, asymmetrical, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Weakened, worn down teeth

If you suffer from any of these issues or a combination of more than one, porcelain veneers can help! Consulting a knowledgeable and experienced dentist such as Dr. Beaufils can help you decide if they are right for you.

The Value of Veneers

The advantages of veneers can be truly remarkable. Upgrading your teeth with porcelain veneers will not only help enhance the color and brilliance of your smile but can help prolong the health of your teeth. After all, porcelain veneers are:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Durable. They can last anywhere from 5 years to 15 years – in some cases even longer with delicate care and attention!
  • Stain resistant. Porcelain is an excellent solution for dental veneers because it helps to prevent staining and discoloration.
  • Customizable. The procedure for porcelain veneers is highly personalized and they will be created to match your unique tooth shape and color.
  • Comfortable. In addition to them being almost completely unnoticeable in the mouth, your gum tissues take to porcelain much better than composite resin, which means little to no discomfort is felt in the mouth.

Take the Next Step to a Beautiful Smile

At Beaufils Dental, we work closely with our patients to help them design veneers with the most natural-looking color and shape for them. If you find yourself hiding your smile or feeling self-conscious when you laugh or even share a meal with others, don’t hesitate to call Beaufils Dental today!

Our goal is to help every patient achieve a gorgeous smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and clinically healthy! Call us today to learn more about our dental services and schedule your Complete Health Dentistry appointment.

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