Learn More About How Sugar Can Increase Your Risk of Tooth Decay

From the beginning of our childhood, we are taught the importance of a healthy diet and limiting consumption of excessive sugary foods and drinks. However, many patients don’t realize what really happens inside their mouth after exposure to these substances. When it comes down to it, the sugar itself is not what causes the damage, but rather what kick-starts a chain of events that can be detrimental to your health.

At Beaufils Dental, Dr. Beaufils works with patients to identify signs of gum disease or tooth decay and offer Complete Health Dentistry services to help ensure it isn’t a sign of a more serious health condition.

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What Does Sugar Do To Your Teeth?

While it’s typically regular consumption that will put you at a high risk for gum disease and present other health issues, even occasional indulgences can present a risk into your teeth. When left to linger, bacteria starts to tear away at the enamel on your teeth and settle in your gums to wreak havoc on your jaw. Most people associate cavities with too much sugar, which is a common side effect and it can mean serious issues.

However, it is often more than just the sugar itself doing the damage. Soda, for example, has a high acid content, which has been linked to enamel erosion as well as tooth decay. Eating a bunch of sweets can sound yummy, but the sugar in them can turn into lactic acid, which can attack the calcium in your teeth.

How to Prevent Decay and Damage

With proper care and attention, you can play a big part in preventing the bacteria in sugar from causing permanent damage to your teeth. We all should enjoy our indulgences sometimes! If you take the appropriate steps to care for your health, oral and body, you can truly have your cake and eat it too!

If you drink soda or eat foods high in sugar, maintaining regular brushing and flossing will help you to reduce the damage it can do to your teeth and gums. This detaches any residual sugars or bacteria that have accumulated on your teeth throughout the day.

Dr. Beaufils recommends that you avoid brushing right away so as to not cause damage to softened enamel. If you enjoy soft drinks, drinking a cup of water alongside can help reduce the impact the acid makes on your teeth. This can help to reduce your risk of needing a root canal or a more serious dental procedure. You can also try drinking your sugary beverages with a straw, to help the liquid avoid your teeth. You should still try to watch your intake; each sip means 20 minutes of damage your teeth are exposed to.

The Importance of Keeping Your Teeth Clean

One of the most effective, affordable, and reliable preventative techniques is simple everyday care of your teeth. Cavities can be just the beginning of a slippery road for your teeth and gums. Gum disease can also increase your risk of issues like diabetes, so good oral health is about more than just aesthetics! Your mouth is the entry point to almost all the bacteria that enter your body, so keeping your mouth clean and healthy is vital.

Dr. Beaufils uses a number of advanced technology techniques such as 3D dental imaging to help address every patient’s unique dental needs. Our wide range of preventative and restorative techniques help patients achieve optimum dental health. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Beaufils today.

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