The Benefits of Sealants In the Early Stages of Life

When it comes to taking care of your children’s teeth, it is important to make sure they learn good oral care from a young age. Despite the fact that they will lose their baby teeth eventually, they can still develop troublesome issues such as tooth decay or gum disease if they don’t properly care for their mouth.

Because children are still learning how to properly brush and floss, they can be at a greater risk for developing harmful bacteria in the grooves of their teeth. At Beaufils Dental, we offer dental sealants for children to help reduce the risk of dental health issues down the line.

How Dental Sealants Work

Typically, most problems will occur in the back teeth in children and teens. The molars in this area have many hidden fissures or grooves in the top chewing surfaces of the teeth, causing food particles, bacteria, and plaque get stuck. For younger children, these areas can be hard to brush properly. Even if they can be reached with a toothbrush, the grooves are often smaller than the bristles and can prove difficult to clean which can cause cavities and tooth decay in these areas of the mouth.

Dental sealants work by placing a protective layer of a thin plastic-like coating over these teeth. This works as a barrier to prevent the harmful debris and leftover food particles in your mouth from getting wedged in your molars. They can be set in one easy application, making them a quick and simple way to preserve the health of the mouth. They are an especially great investment for children because they can last up to 10 years with proper oral care.

Protecting Your Child’s Smile

At Beaufils Dental, we provide comprehensive dental services to patients of all ages. This means we address more than just your oral health to help you develop healthy habits that can benefit your whole body.

With children, we like to start as soon as they get their first tooth! This can help you develop a good foundation of dental care for your child to grow with. We recommend applying dental sealants by the age of 11. In many cases, parents wait until the first two sets appear to get them all at once.

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We also like to help parents and children develop healthy eating habits and proper nutritional skills so as to minimize the risk of cavities and tooth decay in other teeth. Kids are notorious for their love of sticky, sugary foods. Since bacteria in the mouth are particularly fond of these foods, it can mean harmful dental issues down the line. Teach your kids the importance of eating right and only enjoying sweets occasionally. In combination with proper teeth brushing and flossing skills, you can help your children combat bad breath, gingivitis, and other damaging oral conditions!

Good Oral Health For the Whole Family

We provide comprehensive complete health dentistry services for the whole family, including children, teens, and seniors. We understand that your oral needs may be different throughout various stages of life. That’s why we work closely with our patients to offer the ideal treatment for them. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beaufils, one the top-rated dentists in South Florida.

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