6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Braces

Jul 05, 2016
Braces are an excellent option for patients who wish to align their teeth and enhance their overall smile. However, braces are a big commitment and will require a bit more responsibility on your end...

Learn More About What Life is Like With Braces

Braces are an excellent option for patients who wish to align their teeth and enhance their overall smile. However, braces are a big commitment and will require a bit more responsibility on your end. That’s why it is important to familiarize yourself with the procedure and what living with braces will entail before making a final decision. Patients in the Cooper City area considering orthodontic services are welcome to contact Dr. Beaufils’ office.

  • 1. Anyone Can Get Braces

    Just about anyone in good general health with teeth strong enough for braces can be a candidate. That is to say, you can be fit for braces at any age. Contrary to popular belief, braces are not exclusively for children or teenagers. Adults can benefit from braces, too! However, Dr. Beaufils recommends that you start bringing your children to the orthodontist around age 7. This is the best time for them to confirm if specialized care will be necessary.

  • 2. Your Bite is Just as Important

    Braces aren’t just to straighten teeth. They can also improve a number of other dental issues, such as the alignment of your jaw, and the spacing between your teeth. One of the most important factors considered by your orthodontist is your “bite”. This is the way your jaw meets when your mouth is closed. You may be familiar with the term “overbite” or “underbite”. In dental terms, this is referred to as malocclusion. In many cases, braces can help correct this issue so that you can chew and speak properly.

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  • 3. Cost and Treatment Times Will Vary

    If you are going into a braces treatment expecting it to be the same as your friend’s, or your family member’s, you are going to be mistaken. Braces are a highly individualized procedure and everybody’s needs are different. This means that the procedure or the treatment process will differ from patient to patient. Some patients may only need their braces for a few months while others may need them for a few years. Additionally, a difference in treatment services means a difference in price. Schedule a consultation with a board-certified orthodontist before making a decision. Discuss your options with them and be sure to ask questions so you can fully understand what the procedure and cost will entail.

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  • 4. You Will Need to Take Excellent Care of Your Teeth

    Having braces means thinking ahead before meals and avoiding certain foods and drinks! It may seem frustrating now, but it is absolutely worth it to have a radiant smile. After all, if you are going to be investing thousands of dollars into your teeth, what good is it if you don’t properly care for them? You will need to brush your teeth very thoroughly, and your dentist will advise if you should also get an orthodontic toothbrush. You will still need to floss, use mouthwash, and clean your tongue regularly, as well. When you have braces, you will often find yourself cleaning them a few times a day.

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  • 5. An Orthodontist Is More Experienced Than a Dentist

    Getting braces put on and maintaining them is a very delicate experience that should only be entrusted to a knowledgeable and experienced professional. While dentists are important figures to dental health, an orthodontist is specially trained in tooth movement, jaw function and everything in between. You will be getting fit for appliances that are intended to alter the shape and alignment of your jaw and teeth in order to rectify dental problems and provide you with a beautiful, straight smile. You family dentist may not be properly trained, so it is important to go to a professional like Dr. Beaufils.

  • 6. You Will Need to Wear a Retainer

    Your life with braces doesn’t stop when they come off! Once the braces are removed, your dentist will provide you with a retainer. Your retainer will need to be worn at close to all times, with a few exceptions. Always follow the directions your orthodontist provides you exactly. Your retainer is intended to keep your teeth in their newly formed positions. If you stray from the instructions, you may find your teeth starting to revert to their original places. You will need to take good care of your retainer, which means investing in a case and being aware and cleaning them during and after meals. A new retainer can cost you even more in orthodontic fees, so be mindful of it!

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