“Say AHH!”: The World’s First Dental Documentary

Jun 20, 2017
In late 2012, Partners in Complete Health announced the release of a remarkable new movie: Say AHH!, the world’s very first documentary on oral health and the dental care system...

In late 2012, Partners in Complete Health announced the release of a remarkable new movie: Say AHH!, the world’s very first documentary on oral health and the dental care system. A little more than an informative video, this full-length documentary focuses on the lives of six families who are facing challenges in their lives. This patient-friendly video gives us remarkable insight into the world of the systematic oral health care and how real live people can be affected by the biggest cavity of them all: the healthcare system.

“Say Aah! A Film About Fighting The World’s Largest Cavity”. from One&Only on Vimeo.

About Say AHH!

It’s no secret that there is increasing health problem in our country, despite the US being one of the wealthiest nations in the world. In addition to growing cases of chronic diseases like cancer, we are also suffering from dental issues at alarming rates. The most sobering fact is that large portions of dental issues come from a simple lack of care. After all, while some oral health care issues are caused by not brushing, flossing, or taking proper care of your teeth, others can stem from more serious health issues.

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This documentary follows six different families from different backgrounds as they go through their personal experience with dental health care professionals. It highlights the struggles that both the patients and the dental professionals face when dealing with the general health care system and all the obstacles they struggle with in the face of the medical industry. After all, the dentists and dental teams are the ones who work tirelessly and endlessly to provide the best care and attention the can to all their patients.

The Chairman of Partners in Complete Health and forerunner of the Say AHH! project, Gary Kodi, was personally affected by a family that had a history of gum disease, which drove him to take a personalized, relatable approach to this documentary. The audience can see the real-life situations that these families face on a day-to-day basis and how they turn to their local unsuspecting hero, their dentist, to help achieve good health by starting in one of the most important places: the mouth.

This documentary touches on a ton of important dental and medical cases and conditions that could be affecting you or a loved one, like sleep apnea, mouth cancer, diabetes, and more. The goal is to show the rest of the world how important oral health care is and the correlation with a number of other debilitating health problems, like cardiovascular disease. By raising awareness about the crucial connection between the body and the mouth, it can help other patients prevent or identify similar health issues.

Take Care of Your Overall Wellness

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to maintain a healthy mouth and a well-cared-for body. This doesn’t just mean taking care of the surface or the skin, it also means paying attention and keeping up with oral care routines, regular check-ups, healthy habits, and more! To learn more about the dental services we offer to keep you and your family smiling, contact our Cooper City office at 954-252-1390!