Root Canal

Tackling the Root of Oral Pain

Treating a decayed or infected tooth was once an inconvenient process, as it involved extracting the tooth through an emergency dental procedure instead of trying to salvage it. Luckily, the development of root canal therapy provided a far more favorable alternative to treating a problem tooth — a process that, in most cases, would not only eliminate the need for tooth extraction, but restore the healthy portion of the tooth altogether.

Considering Root Canal Therapy?

It is important to understand that a root canal is a procedure that is meant to heal and return your body to a positive state. Oral pain can throw your whole day, even life out of order. The inability to eat and sleep comfortably will just lead to irritable days and moods and our hope is help restore you back to happier days. If addressed early on, a root canal therapy can be simple, it doesn’t have to hurt and more importantly it helps keep the pain away.

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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a natural cavity within the center of the tooth – our teeth have between one and four root canals in each tooth. These tiny passageways course through the inside of the tooth and end at the root. The discomfort begins when an infection spreads to the pulp of the tooth, which lies underneath the tooth’s hard layer and is vital to the development of the root. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, so when it becomes infected or inflamed, it can cause pain and sensitivity. In some cases, the infection may spread and create small pockets of pus which then may form an abscess if left unattended. Dental intervention is the only way to put a stop to the infection before it begins affecting the roots, which will lead to a new series of problems.

Root Canal Procedure

While this procedure entails one to three dental visits, its high rate of success and tooth restoration is what makes it such a safe and favorable option. Root canal therapy begins with drilling a small hole into the inner chamber of the tooth, where the infection lies. Diseased tissue is removed and the inner chamber is cleaned and the canals reshaped and medicated to prevent further spread of infection. At Beaufils Dental, we believe that educating our patients on this procedure provides a greater sense of ease. Our root canal services ensure that you undergo this procedure with confidence.

Become Pain Free Once More

While it may sound like an extensive procedure, most patients experience little to no discomfort and are happily relieved of sensitivity and pain. Most importantly, root canal therapy restores the tooth to a healthier state without the need to extract it. Don’t wait for the infection to spread, as the pain may become unbearable and possibly complicate an otherwise simple restoration procedure.

Let Us Help Restore Your Smile

Beaufils Dental is a Cooper City root canal therapy provider who will have your smile restored to its healthy state. Call us at 954-252-1390 to make an appointment and learn more about how root canal therapy is the right option for you.

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