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We all want to smile with confidence, which is why aesthetic dentistry is just as vital to the dental profession as a serious or “necessary” procedure. Whether you’re looking to repair a crooked tooth, a malformed bite or simply want to improve your smile’s overall appearance, restoring a beautiful smile through a cosmetic dental procedure can provide a greater sense of confidence.

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Explore the Steps to a Brand New Smile

  • Consultation: We follow a process that adapts to each individual needs and situation. Some people might need tooth reshaping, others whitening, crowns or veneers. With our years of experience we will determine the right treatment for your smile.
  • Smile Design: Design your personalized smile with a strong focus on occlusion (how your bite works) and facial aesthetics, including how your teeth show when you smile, and symmetry, contour, and color tooth color. Your treatment plan will reflect your unique needs and the characteristics of your smile. The goal is a beautiful, functional smile that will complement the aesthetics of your face, lips, and even skin.
  • Custom Treatments: You will then undergo a series of treatments necessary to restore the aesthetics of your smile. We do it all right here at Beaufils Dental. This can include Invisalign, traditional orthodontics, or crowns to restore a protected bite that will work well over the years.
  • Smile Reveal: Once the treatment is complete, your perfect and gorgeous smile will be revealed! With proper home hygiene care and professional dental appointments, you can enjoy a beautiful smile, increased confidence, and better oral health for years to come!

Like any other dental procedure would require, diligent oral hygiene will help keep your smile in mint condition. Beaufils Dental is a friendly, quality Cooper City cosmetic dentistry provider who will ensure your oral health care needs are met and exceeded. Don’t let your beautiful smile go to waste by not applying the proper care it deserves. Schedule a dental exam today by calling 954-252-1390 and watch your smile transform.

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